New Technology on Aircraft Maintenance

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Impacts of New Technology on Aircraft Maintenance

In this research paper the author identifies several key areas of interest when introducing new technologies in the aviation industry. The majority of the focus surrounds the maintainability of these new technologies and the significant impacts to the maintainers themselves. Much emphasis is given to the people responsible to maintain the aircraft from a human factors perspective. There are many maintenance aspects addressed in the paper to include the impacts on Training and Certification of aircraft mechanics, design considerations in terms of capabilities and ease of access of components and associated equipment. Advancements in procedures, interactive technical manuals and specific emerging maintenance techniques and troubleshooting are introduced from the maintainer’s perspective and those impacts addressed. The key impacts of new technology are summarized for domestic, international, military aircraft operational environments, and the paper concludes with an examination of the advantages and disadvantages of new technologies on aircraft maintenance.
Keywords: aircraft maintainability, design for maintenance, personnel training, human factors
Impacts of New Technology on Aircraft Maintenance
Advancements in technology are a continuous and necessary aspect of our culture. The desire to stay ahead of the competition in both domestic and international environments is what makes our country’s aviation and aerospace industry one of, if not the best in the world today. Very rapid technological advancements in the aviation industry include continuing advancements in physical aircraft design characteristics, avionics and display systems, electrical systems, flight control systems, hydraulic and pneudraulic systems, fuel and propulsion systems, and structural and aircraft skins, to include…...

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