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I watched the news on WGN Channel 9 on November 30, 2012 at approximately 9pm CST. There was a story of a young man that killed three people at a community college. He killed two, and then killed himself. This story ran for about four minutes. I listened to them talk about this young man as they do every person that has been in this situation. They talked about him the same way that they talked about the Columbine kids, and the Batman shooter. They want you to think that these people are disturbed, and have just snapped. They said that he carried an “edged weapon” with him. He killed a woman down the street, and a teacher before taking his own life.

Earlier that day, I tuned in to the news broadcast on ABC Channel 7 at 11am CST. They began the segment with discussing the same story. Their segment however, only ran about a minute. They informed me on the time that this happened. They said that the police took another man into custody following the shooting. He was alive but could have died. They thought that they had the right man in custody, but thought that there was another suspect, and were not sure the kind of weapon that was used.

As much as I hate to say it, Channel 9 news got me with this one. They were more credible because they had all the facts. They knew how everything played out; they knew what kind of weapon was used, and the details of the shooting. Channel 7 reported that the police believed that they had caught the shooter, but the shooter had committed suicide, so that could not have been the correct person. They also did not know what kind of weapon was used, they kept reporting shooting, but not saying that he had other weapons. They limited the information. They ran the story without all the facts, and the facts that they did have were not all correct.…...

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