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chapter 1

Health Care chapter 2




World's Best

fighting with Disease

Saved from Certain death

Selling Medicine

Felix Hoffmann wanted to help his father. What followed was one of the biggest success stories in business.

A doctor in a farming Community made a discovery that has saved millions of lives.

Everyone expected Jeanna Giese to die, but one doctor did not give up.

B write the word from Part A next to its definition 1The feeling when something hurts you. pain 2The person who controls a business or the workers manager

3 To help someone who is sick ; treat 4 A medical condition with higher than normal body temperature; fever


Available for sale; on the marker


An organization that sells goods or services to make money;



Medicine that is not liquid, you can pick it up and take it with water; pill


To stop something from happening; prevent


Almost the same; similar


Someone who goes to see a doctor; patient

11. 12.

To make or create spmething ; produce A person who does a study to learn more about something ; researcher.


Felix Hoffmann's father was in a lot of pain, so Hoffmann did research and developed a mixture with salicylic acid. It worked well. Hoffmann told his manager at Bayer about this. The Company developed a drug called aspirin. It helped

stop pain and lower


They tested the new drug and found that it worked well. At first, Bayer sold aspirin ply


doctors. Then they made it in the form of a/ an pill and sold it in drugstores.


the 1950s,

new painkillers

came on the marker.

These new drugs were similar to aspirin. Then a/ an

researcher found that aspirin helped to prevent heart attacks. Doctors began to tell some of their patients to take aspirin

every day.


fill in the blanks…...

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