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3. Four Customers of a Telecom Company named Bell Canada in Toronto Ontario. Each of them faced a telephone Related Problem and decided to call the Customer Care of the Company.
4. Winston Chen Grumbles about the amount of his telephone Bill. On reviewing The bill, he is convinced that he has been overcharged, so he calls customer service Department to Complain and request adjustment.
5. Maril Portillo has missed Several important calls because the caller received a busy signal. She phones to telephone Company to know Possible Solutions to this Problem.
6. Eleanor vanderbilt has been distressed to receive a series of obscene telephone calls. She is being harassed with the continuous Phone calls. Her phone bill is in the Bottom 10 percent of all households.
7. Richard Robbins Phone has been making strange humming and cracking noises, making it difficult to hear what the other Person is Saying.Mr Robbins calls bell and reports the Problem. His guess is that it is being caused by the answering machine which is getting old and sometimes loses messages.
8. Going By the information in the case it is possible to segment the Telecommunication market as: Demographic Segmentation Geographic Segmentation Behavioral Segmentation
9. As a Customer Service representative How to address each of the Problems and Complaints to be Reported?
10. Probably in Winston Chens case the best way is to have a look at the bill again and make some adjustments if so and reimburse the amount to the Customer.Try to be empathatic to him
11. Maril Portillo case seems to be a case of network Problem.The best Possible solution for her is to refer her Complaint to the Service Delivery Department and tell them about this Problem so that they could do something as soon as possible.
12. MrsVanderbilts…...

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