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[pic] Project on Non Performing Assets in Banks

|Chapter no. | Title |Page no. |
| |Executive Summary |2 |
|1 |General Introduction | |
| |Introduction to the Topic |4 |
| |Company Profile |6 |
| |Non performing assets |10 |
|2 | Research Methodology |32 |
|3 | Data Analysis & Interpretation |38 |
|4 | Findings, Suggestions & Conclusions |64 |
|5 | Annexure: | |
| |a) Bibliography |68 |
| |b) Questionnaire |70 |


Studying books and merely passing exams is not worth, the education, knowledge and experience is incomplete without being exposed to what is happening in real.
In order to…...

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...n Management of Non Performing Assets σ Abstract - In India the magnitude of the problem of bad debts was not taken seriously. Subsequently, following the recommendations of Narasimham committee and Verma committee, some steps have been taken to solve the problem of old NPAs in the balance sheets of the banks. It continues to be expressed from every corner that there has rarely been any systematic evaluation of the best way of tackling the problem. There seems to be no unanimity in the proper policies to be followed in resolving this problem. There is also no consistency in the application of NPA norms, ever since these have been recognized. Non Performing Assets are also called as Non Performing Loans. It is made by a bank or finance company on which repayments or interest payments are not being made on time. A loan is an asset for a bank as the interest payments and the repayment of the principal create a stream of cash flows. It is from the interest payments that a bank makes its profits. The problem of NPA is not limited to only Indian public sector banks, but it prevails in the entire banking industry. Major portion of bad debts in Indian Banks arose out of lending to the priority sector at the dictates of politicians and bureaucrats. If only banks had monitored their loans effectively, the bad debt problem could have been contained if not eliminated. The top management of the banks was forced by politicians and bureaucrats to throw good money...

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...massive NPA issue in nationalized banks in India. Net Worth relation with NPAs Net worth gets depleted by annual operating losses or a substantial decrease in asset values relative to liabilities. Banks are required to categorize non-performing assets further into three units on the period for which the asset has remained non-performing and the reliability of the dues: (i) Sub-standard Assets, (ii) Doubtful Assets, and (iii) Loss Assets. According to RBI directives, all banks are required to maintain NPAs both on gross and net basis. It is usually expressed in percentage term. NPAs= [(Gross or Net NPAs) / Total Advances]*100. NPA’s Relation with Capital Adequacy Ratio(CRAR) Capital adequacy ratio is used to protect depositors and promote the stability and efficiency of financial systems around the world. Correlation Analysis is one of the major objectives of the financial reform agenda was to securitization of the banking capitals by means of capital adequacy norms so that the magnitudes of NPA as a proportion to total deposit (NPA/D) will fall and as a result of that the overall C-D(Credit to deposit) ratio will rise.High level of CRAR to provide sufficient cushion for any unexpected losses, in relation to capital adequacy requirements. NPA’s Relation with efficiency  Lack of operational efficiency in bank to handle the loan portfolio affects profitability, liquidity and solvency position of nationalized banks which in turn affect Non-performing Assets (NPA)......

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...facilities sanctioned under rehabilitation packages approved by BIFRV term lending institutions. If the rehabilitation program runs smoothly, it may be necessary to make provision even after one year for additional facilities provided statutory auditors are also satisfied about the progress of rehabilitation programmed. If the unit becomes viable the entire outstanding will become standard assets. Although the rehabilitation of sick units is long drawn procedure, it may be encouraged where units are potentially viable and the management is reliable. However non-viable sick units should be liquidated to get funds for recycling    j without avoidable loss of time in decision-making.                                                3) Acquisition of sick unit by healthy units:                                                If a healthy unit acquires a sick unit, the outstanding loan amount of sick unit may be transferred to the healthy unit and the entire NPA may be even wiped    off. Therefore banks should encourage mergers, the acquisition of a sick unit Wherever they felt it may reduce the NPA'S.                                                       4) Compromise with borrowers: A compromise may be called a negotiated settlement in which the borrower agrees to pay a certain amount to the bank after getting certain concessions. A large number of compromise proposals are being approved by banks with a view to reducing the NPA's and recycling the funds instead of......

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