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Neighborhood Public Policy
Public health or public safety issue?
Public health issues are ones that cause injury or disease to a population of people in the community (The Council of State Governments, 2009). Unexpected injury decreases the life expectancy of children (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, n.d.). This is another reason this situation is a public health concern. The Neighborhood scenario involving the accident and injury of Marcus Young is a public health issue. In this scenario Marcus was hit by a speeding car. Millions of people are injured and killed in traffic accidents yearly (World Health Organization, 2014). These are preventable injuries and deaths. The World Health Organization is focusing on five risk factors contributing to injuries from accidents occurring on roadways. The five areas are speed, alcohol, seatbelts, helmets, and visibility. The accident involving Marcus Young has two of the five key areas; speed and visibility. One report identified an increase in accidents and deaths from drivers exceeding the speed limit. Mrs. Young wanted to create a safer environment for her children and the community. She called her local congressional representative and requested that speed bumps be installed as a deterrent to speeding.
How does this scenario exemplify the legislative process influencing public health?
This scenario exemplifies legislative process influencing public health by Mrs. Young working with her congressional representative to change laws. In a situation in the neighborhood, the petition to install speed bumps was presented at the Neighborhood council meeting, but the majority did not support the proposal.
Do you think the Neighborhood Council should have acted in a different manner on this issue?
I do not believe the decision reached by the Neighborhood was in the best interest for public health or public safety. Studies clearly show that speed bumps reduce speed and improve the health of the community by decreasing injury and death from accidents (World Health Organization, 2014).
What might Angie Young and proponents of the speed bumps have done differently to receive a more favorable response from the Neighborhood Council?
If Angie Young and other proponents of the speed bumps would have presented statistics regarding the number of accidents including those resulting in injury to the Neighborhood Council the outcome may have been different. It is important to present research regarding the types of accidents and outcomes when a process is being changed. It would also be beneficial to research the cost of the speed bumps in the relationship to the cost of injury and death from accidents. She could have also researched other options for deterring speeding in the Neighborhood. Residents were concerned about damage to vehicles, this would have been an important topic with options to reduce the incidence of damage (Fazzalaro, 2006).
What options for political influence might a person pursue in an effort to change public health policy?
When pursuing public changes in the community it is important to understand the local regulations. Discuss the concerns with neighbors in the community to secure their support. Discuss the benefits of implementing the proposed change. Petitions are helpful, but visiting with residents living on the roads and areas directly affected by the changes is also important. Without their support, it will be harder to implement the change. Mrs. Young could have also met with the Department of Transportation regarding her concerns and asked that the Neighborhood be monitored (TLC Traffic Safety, 2014).

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