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Blackout Essay
Viertes Haus 131 • M 7:50-10:30 p.m. • Fred Blevens, Ph.D.

The most noticeable effect of disconnecting myself from all news media was the fact that I was unable to make small talk with the staff at work and clients. I have the tendency to make conversation with co-workers and customers about the following areas of news, which include: weather forecasts, sports, world issues, breaking news, and the latest news coverage that takes place in Miami. I have acquired the habit of watching the daily news with my mom every night and logging into NY Times during work hours just to browse current news and read the most recent articles as a form of entertainment. There’s no doubt that reading news articles’ on the web can be slightly addicting and is interference. Also, the news apps on your smartphone are a near constant distraction. I found myself not being able to respond to simple questions regarding the weather forecast, or anything sports related for the next couple of days. I form more casually based relationships at work due to the fact that conversation is very monotone and usually news related. You tend to become impersonal and reserved in your communication pattern towards specific individuals when you just speak about broad topics or community based issues. As if you can distinguish the difference between being acquainted with someone and establishing a friendship. I’m usually subjected to watching ESPN in addition to the daily news at my home. I think that web new sites, cable news networks and ESPN play the role of amusement and distract people from other tasks. Such as having an in-depth conversation, listening and responding accordingly to someone who is speaking to you. It develops into a mental obsession and at times may also be emotionally disturbing depending on the news content. I reflect on the news and articles…...

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...ASSIGNMENT # 2 One of the first twitter accounts I started following when I signed up was the New York Times. While the Times has the most visited news website in the country, I found their Social Media Strategy to be very interesting in terms of delivery. They have over 3 million followers on twitter and 1.5 million followers on Facebook, yet the feeling is this great newspaper has not maximized its social media potential. Many experts pointed to the The Washington Post as a good example of success at determining what stories are “ webable “ or made for social media and what stories have the content that is sharable. Major news stories, breaking stories, and stories about health and lifestyle seem to engage audiences the most One of the problems I’ve encountered in following the NY Times on twitter is the hodgepodge of articles that seem to be tweeted at random. Below is an example of a recent flourish of tweets from my account yesterday. I feel the philosophy of update, update, engage, engage is being misused and replaced by clutter. While I was disenchanted with the The Times tweeting strategy, I found their Facebook page very engaging. They launched a “NY Times Facebook Timeline “ page which has been a huge success. Visitors can view archival photographs dating back to 1851 and read carefully researched captions and dates. They are also doing the same thing on tumblr, where you can view compelling photographs and hopefully find a hidden......

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...In addition, advertising revenue is declining through the advent of the internet (allowing companies to advertise themselves on their own sites). Many internet users expect their news to be free which damages subscription based models such as those that the New York Times relies on to stay in business. The Paywall is a compromise to this expectation; a certain amount of articles would be free but the rest the users would be charged for. The NY Times hopes to recover enough profit through this measure while growing their brand. 2. I think the Paywall is not going to be sustainable for the NY Times. I believe in those who commented that the NY Times and similar newspaper outlets need to transition fully for the digital age or face even bigger losses. Revenue is still slowly falling and net income over the years seems to be very rocky. 3. I think the Paywall is a bad idea. Number of visitors seem to be slowly falling and the price compared over a year is ridiculous compared to the costs of subscribing to the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal. This is best said by blogger Michael DeGusta who remarked that the Times subscription cost more than the WSJ, Economist, and Daily combined. 4. I believe the Times should actively look to transition from print to digital media quickly before it is too late for the company. They should be the pioneers leading in the new age of news instead of the ones seeming stuck in the past concocting half measures to try and stay viable....

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