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For my classroom observation I had the pleasure of sitting in on a first grade class. The class was comprised of 16 students of which there were more boys than girls. One little girl was at beginning Kindergarten level with all subjects and two of the students have ADHD. All of the students were English speaking, however, it is very culturally diverse, as several of the students are from other parts of the United States. The diversity gives the students the ability to draw on strengths of the other students. Below are some of the classrooms set up.
Educational goals I inquired on the teachers educational goals and was surprised that our goals are the same in many ways. In terms of teaching she wanted to provide the best education possible and goes above and beyond to make it a reality. In the event, a student needs additional assistance due to performing below grade level, she sets up a schedule to make those accommodations.
The Learning Environment The classroom environment is safe and nurturing. The day started with a spelling test, with reminders of the way each word was made up, to give them the most success. Once, the test was done they moved on to math, the students moved into groups, there was more advanced students helping the ones that needed it. The desks are set up in cubes, which are numbered. The teacher advised me that this is easier for her to remember the “level” the students are at.

The Classroom Procedure and Rules Their routine was to come into class, get settled, and a student goes to the board to change the day and date, and read the assignments that they will be doing for the day. The students knew to raise their hands to be recognized by the teacher. If a student gets done with their work before anyone else they are either supposed to help the others or do additional “practice”. The classroom was a “team”,…...

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