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Online Gaming Addiction

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Gaming stimulates the brain's "reward centers" which stimulates the same high a drug

addict or alcoholic feels. While most people associate addiction with substances, such as drugs

or alcohol, doctors recognize online gaming addictive behaviors as well.

When a child is admitted to the Elk River Treatment Program (ERTP) of The Pinnacle

Schools, a full medical and psychological evaluation begins. An Individualized Treatment

Plan is developed for your child and a Treatment Team is formed to address your child's

specific needs. Online gaming is often a symptom of an underlying core issue. The child needs

the escape or the feeling of reward that online gaming provides because something else is

missing in their life. Through group and individual therapy on a consistent basis, the child

may eventually identify the core issue(s) and begin recovery. Some gamers exhibit severe

withdrawal symptoms, becoming angry, violent, or depressed if a computer is taken away.

Residential treatment is a safe setting for withdrawal from any addiction.

The Psychological Factor. Unlike with substance abuse, the biological aspect of video

game addiction is uncertain. Research suggests gambling elevates dopamine, but there's more

to addiction than brain chemistry. The addict suffers from a psychological component to the

addiction. Online gaming allows a person to escape the real world and change the perception of

self worth. An online gaming addiction is not that far from drug addiction. Both are searching

for a way to make themselves feel better.

The lure of a fantasy world is especially pertinent to online role-playing games. These

are games in which a player assumes the role of a fictional character and interacts with other

players in a virtual world. An intelligent child who is unpopular at school can feel…...

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