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Organization Study on Centum Electronics Bangalore

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Mr. A. M. Lucas
Internship Report submitted to the University of Mysore in partial fulfillment of the requirements of II Semester MBA degree examinations – 2013

Ramaiah Institute of Management sciences
#15, New BEL Road, MSRIT Post, M S Ramaiah Nagar
Bangalore – 560054


This is to certify that this Internship Report on Organizational Study at CENTUM ELECTRONICS is a bonafide study of SARAVANAN A J, DURAIRAJ V, RAJENDRA P carried out under my guidance and supervision.

Place: Bangalore
Date: [Signature of the Faculty Guide]

We hereby declare that this Internship Report on Organizational Study at CENTUM ELECTRONICS submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for II Semester MBA Degree examinations 2013 of University of Mysore through Ramaiah Institute of Management Sciences is our original work and not submitted to any other university. This work has been done under the supervision of Mr. A. M. Lucas in Ramaiah Institute of Management Sciences, Bangalore.

Place: Bangalore
Date: [Signatures of the Team Members] [Reg. No.]


We would like to add a few heartfelt thanks for a few people who were part of this project in numerous ways, people who gave unending support from the start of this study.
I would like to convey my sincere gratitude towards University of Mysore for giving an opportunity to do an organizational study as part of university syllabus.
Let us express our sincere thanks to the director, Dr M R Pattabhiram, the Dean, Dr Y Rajaram, Ramaiah institute of management sciences, Bangalore, for their guidance and support. We also like to thank to our guide of this study, prof, Lucas for the valuable guidance and…...

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