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Week Three Individual Paper: Organizational Impact Paper
Innovation is what gives businesses the competitive advantage the company will need to be profitable in the market. Innovation impacts the strategy, process, products and services that a company has to offer. Three organizations that have greatly used innovation are Discover Financial Services, Apple Inc, and McDonalds.
The impact that innovation has on an organization is significant. Defining what innovation, creativity, and design are to and organization and the impact it can have on an organization. When an organization looks at innovation the company should be looking for a new way to do something. To expect change in innovation cannot be avoided in this changing and competitive world of business, changes will always be necessary to stay competitive. The three organizations I have chosen are Southwest Airlines, IBM Corporation and Motorola Company let see how innovation impacts these organizations.
Organizational Impact Paper Innovation is what gives an organization the competitive advantage the business will need to be successful in the market. Innovations are ideas that can impact the strategy, process, products and services that an organization has to offer to its customers. Three organizations that have an enormous impact on innovation are United Parcel Service (UPS), Hewlett-Packard and The Coca-Cola Company.
Apple Inc. Apple Inc has been a computer company with ups and downs in its career. There innovative ideas have always been bold and fresh for a computer hardware/software company. In the 90’s Apple started a campaign to give the Apple a lead on Microsoft, however this idea did not have the outcome that was projected. For many years Apple found themselves trailing farther and farther behind Microsoft as customer accepted Windows as the operating systems of choice.…...

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