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Social media has become the voice of many organizations as they use it to function externally as well as internally. I will define social media and explore social Intranet/Internet forums, Blogs and Podcast. Social Media purpose in organizations and in what ways it has affected them.

Organizations and Social Media
We live in a society where modern technology plays a big part in our day-to-day activities. By using the internet, we gather information, buy goods and overall, use it to make our lives easier. Social media is widely used in organizations to attract customers and is even used for personal reasons in expressing or sharing ideas. However, because of the different culture and practices in our society, not all, widely embrace the idea of social media and most especially on how to use it properly.
What is Social Media?
Social media is the most prevalent way of communication in our society today. This is web- or mobile-based technologies that are used to turn communication into an interactive exchange of ideas in an organization, community, and even among individuals. With modern technology and social media, the information on the web can easily be accessed and communication techniques will never be a problem (Bunzel, 2010). With the use of Internet/Intranet forums, Blogs and Podcasts organizations are able to communicate not only outside but within the organizations as well.
The use of forums currently is not a novelty and the tempo of the Internet has become the center of the modern world.
The following are the most common reasons why people and organizations use forums: 1. To find and generate any information; 2. To communicate with colleagues; 3. To meet other people around the world; 4. To have entertainment; 5. To acquire education; and 6. To serve as medium for commercial transactions such as…...

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