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One can have many tasks to complete on a daily basis. And that requires a planning to take actions and prepares for tasks one at the time. As a father of two kids and full time employee and student, it is hard to keep up with responsibilities; however, a daily calendar review is very helpful for the organization and time management. Indeed, communication is an important tool to execute tasks and take daily plan to the next level. In online education, students can set their schedule that fit to their personal life and that is a major benefit of online education. Organization, time management, and effective communication are key element to online learning.
The first step in organizing anything in one’s life is to develop a personal organization. When one takes the time to organize his or her personal life, all of those other disorganized things that are related seem to start falling right into place. A study about time management shows that time management training led to an increase in perceived control of time and a decrease in perceived stress (Häfner, 2010).
One should avoid stressful time to be more productive in online learning. Even though it may seem easy to study on your own; however, online learning more hard work and dedication to complete assignment and participate in online discussions. For example, on a weekly basis, one must write dozen of pages to complete the requirement of the week and that requires many hours of searching and browsing for articles. Online students have to dedicate most of their time to online studies to success in their learning.
The flexibility in an online learning is another advantage that allow student to choose a personal schedule that fit to their daily schedule. For example, a full time employee can choose to study after work instead of quitting his or her job, online learning must be taken as an advantage that student…...

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