Our Future with Science and Technology

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Our Future with Science and Technology

In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, Huxley describes a chilling vision of a totalitarian society ruled by both manipulation and conditioning of its' citizens. It ways eighty one years ago that Huxley made this fictional world into a piece of literature that still resonates with his readers today. Social engineering and technology of modern society were either at its' infancy or not even created yet when Huxley wrote his book. The maturity of these ideologies and technologies that makes Brave New World touch close to home. Is it possible to bring a world of chaos to order or is it just a proclivity of the human condition?

In Utopia by Sir Thomas More, the city Amaurot is the city of Hythloday's research of Utopian society. His mention of the lack of privacy among its' citizens can be very relevant to today. While we can still lock our doors and windows, close our curtains and blinds, the amount of privacy one has has been increasingly diminishing. With the advent of federal approbation of various ways of the government to invade on a person's right to privacy is a slow progression to the possibility of losing our privacy completely. Others argue that discretion of these actions should not be a worry of the common citizen. They argue that if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide. It is a way of justification of a deplorable act on our everyday privacy. And the debate will only continue to escalate as the rapid evolution of technology persists and the expansion of federal governmental regulation continues to consume the privacy of every American.

The war of terror in Afghanistan and Iraq has been a place, like all wars, where technology is used to give each side a competitive edge in. One piece of technology in particular is a device called an Unmanned Air Vehicle (or UAV). These drones are “[...]…...

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