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P1 Unit 2 Business Describe the Recruitment Documentation Used in a Selected Organisation

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Physical and Technological resources need to be managed well in Coca Cola or any other organisation. Physical resources include for example; the buildings, maintenance and the safety of the premises. Technological resources include the machinery, physical equipment, graphs, designs and drawings.
Physical resources are needed in the Coca Cola business setting to assure the organisation has specific places/ buildings to work efficiently. These resources need to be maintained so that Coca Cola can perform well in each of their activities and roles, this also includes assuring safety in the work setting and making sure all the machinery and plant (where manufacturing takes place; labelling, bottling, filling machines etc.) work well and are in good condition.
Coca Cola has resources such as different buildings and facilities for eg;

They have office buildings to make sure they seem presentable and professional; their office properties have a modern look with a presentable entrance and reception, conference rooms, lecture rooms, also comfortable lounges for the guests and staff at Coca Cola.

The Coca Cola head offices have departments like the ICT, human resources, marketing and sales, also finance because these areas will work more efficiently in an office setting which consists of the appropriate equipment, chairs, tables, computers, organised space etc. For example in the ICT departments walking in you may find more hardware than in any other department for eg; marketing and sales. ICT departments are equipped and stocked with a lot of wide screen professional computers, connection to internet, also printers and scanners, equipment other departments might not know how to use. Human resource departments are mainly responsible for employee paper work so their facilities would mostly include desks, a computer, chairs, tables, connection to…...

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