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P5 Unit 36 - Business Studies

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Business plan

[pic] HDR Gaming Laneroad Ashford Kent TN23 5BT

012333252 07826425

Contents Page

1. Summary 3

2. Business overview 4

Introduction Current position Competitive advantage Growth plan

3. Business strategy 5

Tactics Strategic issues Core values

4. Marketing 6

SWOT and critical success factors Market research Distribution channels Strategic alliances E-commerce and technology Tactical promotion plan Marketing budget Credibility and risk reduction

5. Team and management structure 7

Skills, experience, training and retention Advisors Management systems

6. Financial budgets and forecasts 8

Profit and loss forecast Cash flow forecast Balance sheet forecast Capital expenditure budget Break-even analysis

1. Summary

• HRD Gaming

• We are a gaming business

• We will be producing games which gives a unique experience to the gamers

• We are a partnership business ran by 3 people – More money remaining to invest on other stuff
2. Business overview



Our business involves, 3 people, Hem Limbu, Dipesh Magar & Roshan Rai. Together we make the name HDR. We are a games developer. Our aim is to build accessories for different consoles and enhance their gaming performance. We started this business because we found out that there is huge demand for gaming accessories like the ones we manufacture.

Current position

What have you achieved so far?
We have not achieved that much as we are new business. However we believe that this will change in the near future and we are likely to achieve greatness.
Outline the current position of your business: where is your business in the business lifecycle…...

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