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The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue. – Antisthenes We as a civilization have grown and advanced in technology, and with the knowledge that we have acquired through countless experiments. We learned more as we experimented through the centuries, mistakes are bound to be made along the way and some theories and “facts” of the world were ultimately found to be untrue. Scientist had to unlearn what they thought to be true and restart from the beginning. In the past people had to unlearn their old traditions of false “facts”. Like the belief of the earth being flat instead of round. This was eventually proven wrong, through observations, experiments, and finally adoption of the earth being round, and the “fact” that the world was flat was thrown away.
There are plenty of other examples as well; Pluto not being a planet, the earth being the center of the universe, humans not being able to fly. These were all thought to be “facts” of our universe. Yet through experiments and through trials we eventually found ways to prove these “facts wrong. Either by showing proof, inventing new technology that allowed facts to be changed or through newly made theories.
This quote has even more of an emphasis in today’s day and age as our knowledge is advancing at a greater rate than ever before. Hundreds of theories are being made every single day, some are being found to be true others to be untrue. Ultimately though we will not really be able to know if the theories are true or aren’t until technology and our knowledge have advanced to the state were we can truly test some of these theories. This very well might change in the future. In final, being able to unlearn is required to move forward, not everything we learn in our life is bound to be true in a hundred years let alone ten years. We must be able to adapt to the endless…...

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