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Jazz Concert analysis paper #1

On December 6th, 2012 I attended the jazz concert at Columbia Basin College. During the concert, there were a variety of different instruments being used throughout the concert. To the left of the stage there was four trombone players and one congo drummer, in the back there was five trumpet players, to the right side there was five saxophone players and in the front of all of the brass players there was a pianist and a bass guitarist. The drums and percussion instruments like the tambourine were used in selected songs during the concert.

During the jazz ensembles performance they played six different songs. They played Acha by Bob Mintzer, And another thing by Tom Garling, Boppin to P-Town by Doug Stone, Bumps by Ladd McIntosh, Doozy by Benny Carter and Extensions by Patty Darling. Acha was played as a tribute to Bob who is a jazz artist who had come and played at Columbia Basin College in previous years. In his song there were some solos from the trombone and saxophone. I could hear some syncopation coming from the guitar and the song had more of a slow tempo mood.

And another thing by Tom Garling used a piano, drum kit, five saxophones, five trumpets, four trombones, string bass and a congo drum. It used an AABA musical form. The song had a medium slow tempo to it and it had a 4/4 meter throughout. In the song

there was improvisation from the drums, trumpets and saxophones. I got a free jazz feel from the song because it had some structure but it didn’t have the same melody throughout and not enough structure to exist.

Throughout the whole song and not all the instruments were playing the same notes at the same time.
Boppin’ to P-Town had a medium tempo to it and it used some syncopation. Bumps by Ladd McIntosh had solos from the trumpet and saxophone. This song had a very slow tempo and gave me chills as I listened to…...

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