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The picture shows an innocent boy who fell victim to a ‘bomb blast’ in Peshawar, Pakistan on the 31st of August 2012. This blast occurred in a busy market near a mosque at around four o’clock in the afternoon. The bomb was located on a pick up truck stationed in a mechanic shop. The blast managed to take the lives of twelve people and injured several others. No one has taken responsibility for the explosion but it is believed that the local militia were involved in some way.
In the picture we see the boy is gravely injured, struggling to hold on to his life. His own blood stains his clothes. The boy had been placed on a bed in a local hospital and is being treated and cared for by several persons including a nurse and possibly a doctor. The picture has been framed and cropped to promote the boy as the central figure in the picture. The ‘Vector of Attention’ is towards the boy as all the people around him are positioned in a semi circle facing towards him. The photographer is portraying how the victims of the explosions were the main focus of all the people who were present there.
His face is a particularly interesting part of the picture. His eyes are open wide and are blankly fixed towards the ceiling. The only emotion being depicted here is his shock and astonishment at what had just happened to him. He is most probably dazed and has no clue as to what is happening around him. His expression and body language highlight his helplessness in the situation. His limp left arm depicts his weakness; his lifted shirt also shows his inability to help himself.
Another interesting thing to note about the picture is the contrast in color. The boy is covered in blood that shows the chaotic nature of the event taking place in the picture. The man on the right’s clothes are also stained with blood which shows that the people are devoted to taking care of the victims of the…...

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