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Pierre Cardin – Fashion Designer Research Paper
Intro to Fashion
Pierre Cardin (born Pietro Cardin) was born to French parents in San Andrea da Barbara, a city near Venice, Italy on July 7, 1922. Italy and France definitely influenced his fashion aesthetic, the fact that he is a couturier has proved that his style was influenced by his parents’ background as well as his own (though he mostly lived in France, he lived in Italy for 23 years). He moved to Paris, France at the end of World War II in 1945 to study architecture. He worked in Paquin fashion house and later he left the Paquin house to work for the Schiaperelli fashion house.
Later in his life he met Christian Berard and Jean Cocteau, Jean was considered to be a genius for his multiple talents as an artist; not only he was a director, he was also a poet, writer, set designer, and a painter. In this period of his life, Pierre made costumes for several movies like La Belle et la Bête, also known as Beauty and the Beast, in 1946.
After his work in the costuming industry was well received, he worked for Christian Dior in 1947 where he helped design Dior’s “New Look”. New Look was designed to free women’s bodies from earlier fashion of masculinity in women’s garments due to World War II. This line emphasized women’s femininity by showcasing their curves. Pierre Cardin eventually left Dior to build his own fashion house in 1950 on Rue Richepanse in Paris. He began the career of his fashion house by designing costumes for the stage. Not too long after he started, he quickly built his client base with some help from Christian Dior who sent his overflow of clients to Cardin’s house.
In 1953 he launched his first collection, and in 1954 he opened EVE, his first boutique for women in Paris. Eve was later followed by ADAM in 1957, his first men’s boutique. He has been designing for his…...

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