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Few Major flaws in the pilot programme had been due to 1. Choosing of Rajasthan as an Indian state. 2. Choosing villages as the target geography. 3. Orthodox attitude of people combined with low education.
Problem Statement: The 1 major problem had been unsustainability of the project due to insufficient generation of revenues to cover the costs. Revenues were less due to lesser than expected number of patients turning up. Low number of patients was due to a) Lower population density of Rajasthan b) Lower population density of village areas. c) Misguidance of villagers by other practitioners. d) One stop treatment was not there.

* Had higher population density states were selected like UP, Bihar or West Bengal, the turnout of patients as percentage of total population would naturally led to better revenues. * The cost of mobile van services for healthcare could also had better coverage by covering lot more patients with same number of kilometres covered. * Secondly, instead of choosing villages, suburban towns could have been selected as their also quality of healthcare is not as good and ‘jholachhaps’ are prominent. But, advantage there would have been better education of people seeking quality healthcare and higher income groups present there. * Marketing programs and efforts such as movie screening would have covered a larger number of audiences in higher population towns. * For higher population, even full time doctor could have been available full time.
By increasing the number of patients per sahayika, the cost would have been covered in efficient ways and project would be sustainable.…...

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