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ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE | Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation | Week 6: Final Project | | Joseph Concepcion | 12/8/2012 |

A supplemental report of actions and evidence collected at the homicide scene |
Vincent Petrecca

Hometown Police Department
925 E. Lincoln Avenue
Hometown, Indiana 45186
Emergency: 911

Police Supplemental Report

OFFICER: Det. Keith Huston CASE #: 05-5431
DATE: 09/29/05
TIME: 18:20 hrs.

On September 29, 2005 at approximately 1500 hours I was dispatch to 1235 West Chester Apartment 217 in Hometown. I had arrived at the scene at 1520 hours and was briefed by Detective Joe Johnson of the homicide scene. Detective Johnson and I then continued with the investigation by taking measurements of one area of the scene in which the homicide occurred. We were able to measure the size of the room by feet’s, and points of measurements in which the body was located within the area of the room to the body, to be able to obtain the position of the body. I then started collecting the evidence in the apartment, finding the following evidence: E-1 a piece of hair on the victim’s body, E-2 a towel with blood wrapped around a large kitchen knife, E-3 a small paintbrush with dried paint on it, E-4 glass fragments from a lamp or light bulb, E-5 a piece of paper with a phone number on it, and E-6 a soil sample of a foot print located outside in the front yard. All evidence was properly bagged, sealed and labeled and rushed to the…...

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