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The concept state has been explained or received numerous definitions based on the understanding of some political scholars as well as the definition giving to it by any other academic discipline base on how they understand it. Their definitions seek to distinguish the concept state from nation and how it elaborate on its similarities and differences.

According to Max Weber, a state is the organisation that maintains a monopoly of violence over a territory.

Also, Dr. Bossman defines the state as a clearly defined area with its own government that exercises authority over its population.

Moreover Patrick O’Neil, explains a state as an institution that seek to yield the majority of force within a territory, establishing order and deterring challenges from inside and out. Generally, a state may be defined as a geographically well-defined area with a boundary, territory and a government with power to exercise authority over its members called citizens.

On the other hand, the word nation is defined from the Latin word natus which means birth. The word nation can also mean a group that a person is born into and have linkage [ethnos] or ethnicity.

According to Thomas Magstadt and Peter Scihotten, the term nation refers to people who share a common value including any or all of following; geographical location, history, racial and ethnic characteristics, religion, language, culture and beliefs and common political ideas.

According to Ernest Baker, a nation is a body of men inhabiting a definite territory who normally are drawn from different races but possess a common stock of thought and feelings acquired and transmitted during the course of common history, who on the whole and in the main, though more in the past than in the present, include in that common stock, a religious belief, who generally and as a rule use a common language as the vehicle of…...

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