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New Lavender-scented face-mask announces on 9 Dec – introduces new way to get away from pollution

(Hong Kong – 27 November 2012) Lavender-scented face-mask, arguably one of the most successful innovations in the medical point of view, is about to launch on 9 Dec, at the charity event in aid of the Asthma Foundation. The event will be held at Intercontinental Hong Kong. In the event, attendance will have an opportunity to get the most up-to-dated information about Asthma; they can have a closer look to the captioned innovation as well.

Difference from the other face-masks, the face-mask invented by Ultimate Health Ltd. used a thickened fiber as its surface. The thickness is equivalent to the masks used for military’s. Its design is specifically catered to the needs of Chinese by which two iron wires are added on both the top and the bottom of the masks ensuring the breathing system of the people in used of its face-mask are entirely protected. Its lavender-scented makes the mask standing out from the other face-masks with no special favors. This could effectively prevent 67% of the pollution in the air from reaching people’s lungs if the mask is using properly.

Asthma Foundation was founded by professionals afflicted with Asthma; AF was established to provide educational resources that inform patients, medical professionals and the general public about the latest clinical advances, management and treatment options for Asthma disorders.

President for the Asthma Foundation, Ms. Charmaine Lau, said, “Nowadays, the pollution problem is becoming more and more serious, that it is a MUST we need to face it squarely. I’m looking forward to the 9th Dec as it’s a very good occasion for us to increase the public awareness of healthy breathing. I’ll be extremely interested to know how the mask provided by Ultimate Health Ltd. could help tackling pollution in depth. It’s a very meaningful co-marketing event.”

According to a medical test conducted by HKU, it found that more than 90% trial users has experienced a significant improvement on their breathing system after using the mask for sustained 2 weeks. Over 80% hasn’t experienced Asthma outbreak after using it. As a side note, all of the trial users are suffered from Asthma. Simultaneously, the breathing system of all trial users has been cleansed in compared with themselves 2 weeks ago. Not as much as dusts or polluted air were found.

“I’m very pleased with this invention! It is one of the greatest innovations ever and extremely good news to everyone who’s suffering from Asthma. We have some proven track record that the face-mask can help preventing 67% of the pollution in the air from reaching people’s lungs. It’s not our own judgment or our own claim. I’m quite certain women and children will be pleasantly surprised by the product launch. In one word, I cannot really wait to see it comes into the reality!” stated, CEO of Ultimate Health Ltd., Ms. Zoie Lau.

Ultimate Health Ltd.’s lavender-scented face-mask will be available Watsons and Mannings on the 10th Dec @ HK$89.99.- For more information about Ultimate Health Ltd., please visit…...

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