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Term Project
Applied Research Technologies, Inc.
The business case you have describes a situation in a company called Applied Research Technologies.
As a team, you are expected to understand the situation and present your answers to the questions below: 1. As Peter Vyas, how would you handle the expenditure request for the re-launch of the mini water oxidation system? 2. As Cynthia Jackson, would you approve the expenditure request if Vyas sent it up to you? 3. How effective has Vyas been as a front-line manager at ART? How effective has Jackson been as an ART division vice president?
All the information you need is contained within the business case you have. However, if you want to use additional information you are welcome to do so.
You are expected to hand in a team report that answers the questions above. You are also expected to present your results to the class. Your grade will be assessed as follows: | Grade Based on | Percent of Total Grade | Understanding of the case | Team | 30% | Ability to answer the questions | Individual | 30% | Clarity of the presentation | Team | 20% | Neatness of work | Team | 20% |

You will be assessed based on the following: * Clarity of answering the questions. * Cohesiveness of answers and reports. * Accuracy of details and conclusions. * Usage of topics from the course. * Presentation look and feel.

The project is due on May 4th. On that date each team should submit their written report as well as a hardcopy of their presentations.
Presentations will be made during the week
Each team will have a maximum of 20 minutes to present. This includes question and answers time.
Team members will be assessed on how much they contribute to the presentation and to answering questions.…...

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