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The online news and newspaper are two ways to learn the latest updates in politics, show business, in the economy, and many more things. In our modern lives, we are shifting to ready the news online rather than reading it on paper. Online news is very accessible, but isn’t alway reliable. Newspapers are cheap and reliable, but the news would be delivered every morning instead of right when something has happened Is the online news better than a newspaper? The online news is a use of technology. All we have to do is open computer or handheld smart device and check the internet for the latest news. An advantage of reading the news online is that it is really accessible. It would take us a few clicks and we could get any information that we needed. It is also very mobile. We can access online news through our smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops, and etc. It can also help the earth out by not using paper for all of the news across the world. Online news is given to us at anytime, as long as we are connected to the internet. Even though the internet is almost everywhere, it isn’t always reliable. If the internet isn’t working or a wifi is locked and we cannot connect, then we are without the news until we get connected. Online newspaper can also be indirectly semi expensive. If we are using the internet for our news, we have to pay for the internet and the electricity it takes to generate it. Newspapers are the old fashion, but reliable source of news. An advantage to paper news is that it is easy to access. Almost all stores and gas stations sell them. We can have it delivered to us or pick it up in the mail as well. The cost of printing and buying a newspaper is extremely inexpensive. Making paper news may require cutting down lots of trees to make them, but the paper can be recycled and reused. A disadvantage is that they can begin to take up lots of space in the…...

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