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QBT Task 5 - WGU
"Educational Budget Cuts"

Educational budget cuts are becoming more prevalent. In turn, this is causing detrimental effects for students, teachers, parents and the community alike. A budget cut is when a school and/or district receives a certain budget that they must adhere to. They cannot go over this number. Budget cuts are becoming more strict and more money is needed to cut as times go on. Due to this happening, more important things are being cut and a lot more suffering is being seen.

Due to educational budget cuts, students are feeling the brunt of it and the quality of their education is greatly suffering. The average student is in school for six hours a day, five days a week. This comes out to about twenty-four hours of instruction, after factoring in things such as lunch, breaks, taking attendance and waiting for the class to settle down. The students need every minute of education they can get in this short amount of time. They need to make sure they are getting quality education in a very short amount of time.

The first issue students are facing is having outdated materials. Having current materials is essential to make sure they are being adequately taught. Students need to know what is going on today as well as what went on in the past. “Many teachers only have outdated textbooks to give their students. It’s not unusual for a teacher to have a social studies textbook that is 10-15 years old. In American History, this would mean that two to three presidents have not even been mentioned in this text.” (Kelly, n.d.) Students should have some kind of ideas as to who the president is now and who the president was before. History is a subject that is ever-changing and students need to be aware of this. Learning current and accurate information is crucial.

Another issue students are facing is having after school and summer…...

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