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Dear Respondents, Good day! We are conducting a survey which aims to determine how vices and social life affect the academic performance of freshmen Civil Engineers enrolled at TIP (SY. 2013-2014). We need your help to answer the questions below honestly. Rest assured that your answers will be kept with full confidentiality. Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

Camama, Kevin Clinton L.
Cruz, John Paulo B.
Cuaresma, Joena A.
Dela Cruz, Elyzabeth Jecielle M.
Pinca, Micha-Ella Jee Y.

Name: _____________________________ (optional) Section: _________________
Gender: Male ( ) Female ( ) Age: _______

I. Read each question carefully. Check the box that corresponds to your answer. (You can check more than one.) 1. Are you engage in any kind of vices? (vices --- alcohol, cigarettes, online games, gambling, social networking sites, computer games, reading manga or comic books, etc. ). If “NO”, please proceed to test II.

yes no 2. What is/are the vice/s that you are engaged with? Smoking Playing online games Drinking liquor Social networking sites Playing computer games Marijuana
Shabu Gambling (billiard, card, kara y crus, etc.) Others, please specify: ______________ 3. What are the reasons why you are engaged in vices?
Boredom Peer pressure
Curiosity Advertisement 4. What are the factor/s why you are engaged in these vices?
Society Media
Family problems Financial Problem
Complicated relationship 5. How often do you engage yourself in vices?
Rarely Sometimes
Seldom Always II. Read and rate each of the following. 1 to be the greatest affected and 5 to be the lowest affected. A. What are the vices that affect Civil Engineering students in their academic performance? VICES | RATING | 1. Smoking | | 2. Drinking liquor | | 3.…...

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