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The text under my analysis was taken from the book Ragtime written by E.L. Doctorow. He is an American author who is published in over thirty languages. He is famous for his novels ‘Welcome to hard times’, ‘the book of Daniel’ and ‘ragtime’. Ragtime was named one of the 100 best English-language novels of the twentieth century by the editorial board of the Modern Library and was adapted into a successful Broadway musical in 1998.
The text belongs to the genre of novel. Narrative mode of the text are narration and description.
The story is really interesting. The events take place in America in early 19th century, when the theme of racism occurred. The story is written in the 3’d person narration. The exposition starts with the author’s description of Coalhouse Walker looking for a young woman, Sarah. Finally, he found her and asks the Mother to call Sarah. While waiting he presumes to come in the door and finds a baby, who was Sarah’s baby. Sarah ignores his presence and here we come to the inciting moment when he begins appear every Sunday at their house. Coalhouse Walker has learnt the Sarah came from New York to work as a servant, but the Mother and the Father treat her well. Coalhouse Walker wasn’t admitted for a long time, because it was unusual situation for this family, especially for father. Coalhouse Walker doesn’t produce a good impression on him. But the Mother asks her husband to give him a chance and they give him more a visit. Step by step C.W. starts telling something about himself, mentioning that he is a pianist. One day the Father asks him to play the piano. The family enjoys the music and C.W. decides to play more. We come to the rising action when C.W, plays his final composition and Sarah who is sitting on the third floor is listening to his music. It produced a deep impression on everyone except Sarah. And we slowly come to the…...

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