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Odgovor na marketinški brief
Realizacija od S1 do S2

Prof.Jurica Pavičić Studenti: Alibašić Zerina, 10/003, Fmefb
Prof.Nikola Perović Dženana Franca, 10/017, Fmefb
Prof.Milica Daković Dino Međedović, 10/029, Fmefb Emir Ljušković, 10/024, Fmefb


Vođeni ste ljubavlju i rešili ste da je krunišete. Vaša ljubav je posebna i samo vaša. Sada vam treba originalna priča a mi smo tu da vam našim asortimanom koji nudimo to i ispunimo.

Naše usluge: Kompletna organizacija vjenčanja

1.Pronalaženje odgovarajućeg prostora

2.Odabir muzike

3.Zakazivanje vjenčanja: opština,crkva

4.Preporuka za odabir vjenčanice,burme,torte

5.Protokol na sam dan vašeg vjenčanja

6.Cjelokupna dekoracija koja obuhvata: Dekoracija restorana, pozivnice za vjenčanje, kićenje svatova i pokloni za goste…

Posebne usluge koje nudimo su profesionalni fotograf koji je specijalizovan samo za fotografisanje vjenčanja . Fotograf je od velikog značaja za vas jer je on tvorac i nosilac vaših uspomena cijelog života.

Dekoracije za svadbu: U tom asortimanu nudimo rješenje za vašu cjelokupnu dekoraciju koja obuhvata:

1.Planirate budžet vašeg vjenčanja

2.Trenutno završavate rezervaciju benda, crkve, maticara, asortimana, hotela, prevoza

3.Satnicu, kordinaciju i protokol na dan vašeg vjenčanja

4.Odaberite dekoraciju prostora po svom ukusu

Ostalo sve što je važno bez lutanja možete naći kod nas:

Foto i video usluge, pirotehnika, dekoracija balonima, saloni vjenčanica/muška odijela, burme, video proekcije, limuzine i oldtajmeri, rasvjeta, animacije, vatromet, šminkanje…


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...Ralph Lauren was born by the name of Ralph Lipschitz in New York City on October 14, 1939. He grew up in Bronx, New York City. After high school, he took business classes at night school and worked in sales by day. While working for a tie company, he was inspired to begin designing his own neckwear, and in 1967 he went into business for himself, changing his last name to Lauren and marketing his unique line of ties under the name of Polo. From the inception of his brand, Lauren’s creations were characterized by a moneyed style that evoked the look of English aristocracy, as adapted by the sporty, East-Coast American elite. His first menswear line in 1968 featured classic tweed suits, and his first suits women’s wear line in 1971 continued his explorations of classic tailoring and good taste, but with a feminine twist. In 1972 Lauren debuted what would become his signature piece: the mesh sport shirt, available in a variety of colours and featuring his trademark emblem of the most aristocratic of athletes, the polo player. The Ralph Lauren style became a nationwide phenomenon after he dressed the male actors in the 1974 film adaptation of The Great Gatsby in clothing from his current line. The film's evocation of the lost, elegant era of F. Scott Fitzgerald provided a perfect vehicle for Lauren's classic, sometimes nostalgic, vision. The designer received further attention when he created the clothing for Annie Hall (1977), in which Woody Allen sported traditional oxford......

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...Ralph Lauren Demetria Moore Management 521 September 29, 2011 Machelle Thompson Strategic Initiatives Ralph Lauren’s commitment to originality enabled the company to satisfy customers and gain a global market share. As on of the world leading marketer, Ralph Lauren possesses one of the strongest global brand names recognized in today’s retail industry. The company strategically aspires to develop and increase globally. Ralph Lauren took control of the companies in Asia to benefit from opportunities in up-and-coming markets, for example China, South Korea, and India. Foreign companies are growing interest in luxury markets. Wealthy people in China are willing to spend money on expensive clothing and gaining a desire for luxury product. China’s retail sales have been rising as a household income inspires spending on cars, furniture, and clothing. Asia is the largest target for luxury brands, reporting more sales than any other region. Sales across the world have increased as the strength of the global economy helps consumers in Asia, and China. Consumers spending behavior may reduce because of an increase in fuel, high levels of unemployment, high debts levels may have a negative affect on their income and the company’s growth and profitability will decrease. To retain the existing market share, Ralph Lauren may have to reduce its sales prices, which could affect its margins. Some strategic changes on how to manage Ralph Laurens products is to have direct control......

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