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Statutory rape
In society we are currently controlled by the government, Statutory rape being the broad term of what the government calls legal sex age and those of you who disobeys these laws as an unethical way the government will try to controll what they may think is right. I agree and also disagree in the parts of what they would call statutory rape laws.

Statutory rape is know to be considered when the government consides the certain age of a young adult who is unable to give consent to sex and consider to involve in sexual contact to be another thing to rape, the age at whick individuals are considered to give ig the age of consent meaning usually in the range from thirteen to twenty-one and certain limits set along on each state, sex also violate the age of consent laws but is neither violent nor physically forced to do sex is statutory rape in court underage sex or sex with a minor are the most common used terms

Years of statutory rape being prosecruting some people are starting to question weather or not these laws concerning non-violent sex with a minor are actually appropiat and effective in protecting the minors rights, the main people who sipports statutory rape are the ones who would agree that any relationship where a once legal age partner is significantly older that the other. The one that is also younger than the youngest and would take advantage of the younger one, even if the person underage agrees to the sexual activity is still considered unlawful because the person is not mature enough to make smart decisions . now most adults fear that younger people in the relationship may have been forced due to their emotions and began to engage sexual activities with their partner

One the other hand those who disagrees with statutory rape laws claim that problems rises when young legal aged men are sentenced to jail for the crimes based on soley…...

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