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Rappaccini`s Daughter Rappaccini`s Daughter is gothic story written by Nathaniel Hawthorn in 1844.the story begins with a young man Giovanni who comes to Padua to study medicine at the university of Padua .He rents a room a ‘’high gloomy chamber’’ above a magical garden .The garden belongs to Dr. Rappaccini who lives with his own daughter ,Beatric who has been poisonous by his father .Giovanni sits by window which overlooks to the garden ,he is fascinated by garden which are full of strange flowers and plants .One day he is attracted by Rappaccini`s daughter Beatric He falls in loves with her but he is warned by his father`s freind professor Baglion to stay away from her because of her poisonous nature.So professor gives him the antidote for Beatric to get rid of her Poisonous body which is isolated her.But the story ends tragically when Beatric falls into death.

Analysis of Rappaccini`s daughter In ‘’Rappaccini`s Daughter ‘’,Nathaniel Hawthorn examines the combination of good and evil In people through the relationship of story`s main characters.Once Giovanni finds out that she is poisonous he hates her because he is unable to separate her poisonous body from her pure,spiritual and innocent soul.So it is Giovanni`s disability to see Beatric through her soul,eventually leads to Beatrice`s death.In other words Giovanni kills her.
Rappaccini`s Daughter is an allegorical to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve were Satan who misguided them .So it is important to note that the characters Giovanni and Beatric symbolizes Adam and Eve. Dr.Rappaccini plays God but in an evil way because whit this kind of creation he destroys his daughter`s life.During the story Giovanni because of his contact with Beartic he becomes poisonous as Dr. Rappaccini wishes. Although the body of Beatrice is on the stage of corruption but her soul remain pristine…...

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