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Re Dinshaw Maneckji Petit Case

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Workmen v. Associated Rubber Industry Ltd.
(1985) 4 SCC 114
Facts of the Case – The Associated Rubber Industry Ltd. had purchased, some years back, shares of INARCO Ltd. by investing a sum of Rs 4,50,000. They were getting annual dividends in respect of these shares and the amount so received was shown in the profit and loss account of the company year after year. It was taken into account for the purpose of calculating the bonus payable to the workmen of the company. Some time in the course of the year 1968, the company transferred the shares of INARCO Ltd. held by it to Aril Bhavnagar Ltd. (changed to the Aril Holdings Ltd.), a subsidiary company wholly owned by The Associated Rubber Industry Ltd. Aril Holdings Ltd. had no other capital except the shares of INARCO Ltd. transferred to it by the Associated Rubber Industry Ltd. It had no other business or source of income whatsoever except receiving the dividend on the shares of INARCO Ltd. The dividend income from the shares of INARCO Ltd. was not transferred to The Associated Rubber Industry Ltd. and therefore, it did not find place in the profit and loss account of the company with the result that the available surplus for the purposes of payment of bonus to the workmen of the company became reduced. The net result of the exercise was that bonus at the rate of 4% only was paid to the workers for the year 1969 instead of at the rate of 16% to which they would have otherwise been entitled. We may mention here that Aril Holdings Ltd. was itself wound up in the year 1971 and amalgamated with The Associated Rubber Industry Ltd.
The workmen of The Associated Rubber Industry Ltd., Bhavnagar raised an industrial dispute claiming that they were entitled to be paid bonus at the rate of 16% for the year 1969. According to them, the transfer of the shares of INARCO Ltd. to Aril Holdings Ltd. was no more than a device to…...

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