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Business Research Ethics
November 26, 2012

Within the public sector organizations, leaders are held accountable for their actions, and are held to a higher standard. The values that have been associated with ethics in the public sector are one that is independently explored. “In general, however, many of the values commonly associated with theories of leadership, such as transformational and transactional, can similarly be associated with ethical values ad expectations of public officials-potentially allowing for the incorporation of these ethical considerations into an integrated approach to public-sector leadership” (McDougal, No Year, p 1).

Ethics is normally a part if an internal set of moral codes, based upon what society has deemed to be the norm. A public sector leader is under much scrutiny, and are frequently exposed and held to a higher standard. Due to this their ethical conduct they display must be one of idealized expectations. A public sector leader is always in the eye of the public and must meticulously conform to the ethical beliefs of society. The method in dealing eighth the ethical concerns of the public and also their ethical responsibility is a “promugulation of codes, policies, and other guidance standards” (McDougal, No Year, p 3). How do people maintain their moral self-images, even when they sometimes behave unethically? (Shu, 2012, p 6).

Governor Blagojevich, a former governor of Illinois was caught in a racketeering scheme that he projected would earn him more money. He planned to charge to fill a vacant senate seat. The indictment was 75 pages long and included 19 counts, with 16 of them being felony charges. He and five of his closest friends were charged with crimes. Blagojevich did not follow the ethical obligations of a public…...

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