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Reading Motivation in Middle School Education

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Reading is a modern society in which people necessary for the survival and development of a social and cultural skills. Not only is it one of the important language skills learners need to know is the main way to get learner language input. Carrell (1989) considered the four basic skills of reading is the most important skill. In second language learning, individual differences in motivation is the most influential factor of learners. Skehan (1989) believe that motivation is second only to the Academic most powerful predictor of learning outcomes; Gardner (1985) believes that it is one of the four main effects of learning individual differences factor. Wigfield and Guthrie (1995) believes that language learning motivation to some extent, with specific areas related to (domain-specific). For example: a person is motivated to listen or speak English, but do not necessarily have the motivation to read in English. If a child's reading motivation levels increase the amount and breadth of his reading will improve (Wigfield & Guthrie, 1997); if the amount and breadth of reading to improve children's learning will make greater achievements (Anderson, Wilson & Fielding, 1988).

Reading is not only a multi-level cognitive activities, emotional or a procedure body and consciousness penetration. Complex factors that influence reading comprehension, both objective factors, but also the main factor. Currently researchers attach great importance to non-intelligence factors, which is regarded as a key factor in reading motivation, more relevant research. Gardner pointed out the social language learning motivation, the motivation for language learning is divided into two kinds of instrumental and allegiance, the latter has a role in promoting understanding of different cultures.

Read performance is the ability of the students or their ability to effectively complete the task of…...

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