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Relevance lost is a title of the book written by Johnson and Kaplan, where they were complaining that management accounting techniques emerged centuries ago, are still used, but they no longer relevant in today’s highly competitive environment.
64. What are the two major obstacles to the success of the integrated firm? 
 1. Complexity - or the bureaucratic paralysis caused by complexity. 
 2. Management indifference to the owner's goals (p.94). This potential problem resulted when managers replaced owners in performing the managerial functions.
65. How did the integrated firms cope with these problems? Multi divisional firms might have developed better accounting systems, (e.g., using Church's ideas) but instead they coped with these obstacles using decentralization (p.94-96). In decentralized firms, top management plans strategy, while subordinate managers coordinate and control operating activities (p.97).
66. What was the New Use Developed For ROI? J&K indicate that ROI was used to delegate responsibility and allocate funds, i.e., capital (p.98). (Note: Technically, responsibility can be assigned, but not delegated. The authority to act on one's behalf can be delegated as when someone is hired to do a tax return, but the taxpayer is still responsible.)
67. Success of multi divisional firms depends on the management accounting system to perform three task better than the capital markets. What are they? 1. Provide strong profit incentives for managers. 2. Internal audits that link performance to causes. 3. Develop monitoring and measuring procedures to help allocate cash flows to high yield uses, i.e., measure the effectiveness of capital rationing choices (p.99).Thus, the management accounting system provided a mechanism to evaluate general…...

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