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Abuse is becoming to widely known in our society today. Abuse of any kind is not acceptable. The effects that it causes are everlasting, and a continuous cycle, until someone breaks it.
There are many types of abuse out there and to understand them, you must first recognize what abuse is. Abuse is defined as “any action that intentionally harms or injures another person. Abuse also encompasses inappropriate use of any substance” (
There are many forms of abuse like: * Physical abuse * Emotional abuse * Sexual abuse * Child abuse * Substance abuse This was once a private matter, but no longer the case. How can we can as a society being more aware of this growing epidemic of abuse? The abuse that is going on in our communities is happening to frequent in our society. We have closed our eyes to much too long and that is no longer acceptable. It has to be talked about and brought to our attention, for change to occur. Abuse is happening more and more each day. It happening to people we know and love; friends, family, co-workers, children around the world.
Physical abuse sometimes isn’t always easy to spot, especially if you’re not looking for it. Knowing that somebody you know is getting hurt physical is shocking. Let them know that they don’t deserve it, and don’t have to stay. Help them find help, to work on issues present. Continue to be a positive influence and not a negative one.
Emotional abuse is difficult to handle, much less, see, if you recognize it, talk to that person. Let them know that its abuse and not it isn’t healthy. Words can hurt and it puts you in a place of isolation. It can be past down and it has a chain reaction, if you have children involved.
Sexual abuse is the forcing of undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another.
( This isn’t just with children…...

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