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Over the last decade, Restoration Hardware has endured many challenges to be where they currently stand in the home furnishings industry. After facing bankruptcy in 2001, Gary Friedman, former Williams-Sonoma Inc. executive, was brought on to the Restoration Hardware team in hopes of revamping the company (Berfield, 2014). In doing so, Restoration Hardware found it self with a new overall vision, especially for their products. This luxury brand offers furnishings such as furniture, bath ware, baby and child products, and everything in between (, 2014).
Since Restoration Hardware’s rebirth, a main focus was to change the perception of their products. One way to do this was to reproduce antique artisan designs with high quality materials. Friedman traveled with a team to many parts of the world to gain knowledge and inspiration for the reproductions, resulting in beautifully crafted and aesthetically pleasing contemporary designs (Marks, 2009).
Restoration Hardware’s products may be high in price, but with high price comes high value. The target market is not only paying for high quality pieces of furniture or linens. Given that most of the products are based on vintage items, a sense of nostalgia may be brought on to the consumers by resembling home furnishing that were present in their households as children. Aside from that, the products bring a particular ambiance into the home that can give an impression of high class and wealth to outsiders.
When it comes to branding, Restoration Hardware, or simply RH, which is how they often like to be referred to, prides them selves on their new concept of recreating vintage designs in every type of furnishing they produce. With the word “restoration” directly in the company name, consumers can easily identify one of Restoration Hardware’s main goals: producing authentic reproductions of…...

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