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Joseph Wells Article: “The Rewards of Dishonesty” After reading “The Rewards of Dishonesty,” I believe that the punishment handed out to both Wally and Hank was completely appropriate. “If you would lie about something this small, why wouldn’t you lie when something big is at stake?” was the instructor’s response when Wally tried justifying his actions. I agree that an anti-fraud organization has to maintain and protect its reputation at all cost. Hank who was a “highly qualified CPA with significant fraud investigative experience for a respected firm,” knew exactly what he was doing when he prematurely placed the ad in the legal journal. His desire for more money and recognition blinded him. He not only lied but “engaged in a deliberate scheme to cover it up.” I completely agree with the instructor when he told Hank that “his conduct made no sense whatsoever.” It is difficult for me to digest the idea that a “highly qualified” CPA with “significant fraud investigative experience” would attempt something like this. It is completely unacceptable, especially with a person with a status as his. Both Wally and Hank believed that having an unfair advantage was deserved. I agree that morality is the foundation of ethical conduct. The actions of both Wally and Hank had permanent and irreversible consequences. They were both barred from certification and it has in one way or another tarnished their image and reputation in their respected profession. I agree with the instructor/author that observing the mistakes and consequences that others have brought upon themselves, can help us reflect and question if our standards or actions are moral ones. In the long-run there are no rewards of…...

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