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Request for Proposal

An Inventory Control System

Just Seeds Unlimited Co.
4105 Stuart Andrew Blvd
Unit #3
Charlotte, NC 28217

Distribution List (TBD)

Linnea L. Williams lwilliams.lwilliams@gmail.com PM598 – May 2011

1.1. General Description of Work 5
1.2. What Must Be Included with Bid 5
1.3. Schedule of Bid Period Activities 6
1.4. Location of Work 6
1.5. Pre-Bid Meeting 7
1.6. Owner Contact for Questions 7
1.7. Pre-Award Surveys 8
1.8. Sealed Bid Requirements 8
1.9. Basis for Bid Evaluation 9
1.10. Ethical Standards 10
1.11. Responsibility for Surety Bonds 10
1.12. Proposal Format 10
1.13. List of Bidders 12
1.14. Letter of Acknowledgment 13
3.1. Breakdown of Bid Price 15
3.2. Revisions and Extra Work 15
3.3. Scheduled Completion Dates 16
3.4. List of Subcontractors 16
3.6. Key Supplier or Contractor Personnel 17
3.7. List of Bid Document Addenda Reviewed by Bidder 17
3.8. Notice of Conflicts or Errors in Bid Documents 17
3.9. Bidder Signature 17
Appendix B 21
Supplier/Bidder List 21

The following section entails information that Just Seeds Unlimited Co. requires of bidders when preparing the response bid proposal:
1.1. General Description of Work
Provide Just Seeds Unlimited Co. with a fully designed solution for an inventory management system. The system will include a sufficient inventory tracking system which is easy to learn and easy to train others. The procurement will be for the design stage only—implementation may or may not be handled under a separate contract at a later date.
1.2. What Must Be Included with Bid

* Letter of Transmittal
* Table of Contents
* Executive Summary
* List…...

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