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This report is to layout how and why Riordan Manufacturing can benefit from role based access control system merged with a separation of duties control system. This new system will be more streamlined once implemented. The system will also provide better security and a much smoother means of checks and balances. The added security and control will not only serve to increase productivity but it will also decrease loss and waste.

This report will start with the Accounting department as it is the easiest to see and understand the method we are using and why we are using them. The bare basics with be to form and accounting role which will be applied to all members of accounting. This role allows all member of accounting to perform the roles necessary to perform the basic shared duties of the Accounting department. This also prevents anyone who does not have the basic accounting role from performing accounting duties.

Now that the basic accounting role has been addressed, the specialized roles need to be assigned. This report will do this first by defining the specialized Accounting roles that are needed. These roles are General Ledger, Payroll, Sales and Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Procurement, Sales and Purchasing History, Invoice and Shipping, Financial Reporting, there are also EDI, Bar Code Reading, and Executive Decision Support Systems roles exclusive to the San Jose.

These roles are best handled in a three stage process of checks and balances. The first part will be one person to enter the accounting information be it payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, or any other accounting information. Which we be handle by the entry specialist role (Payroll Entry, Purchasing Entry, Accounts Payable Entry, and so on) who purpose is to get the information into the system as accurately…...

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