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5. Identify characteristics of the company’s culture. What are the potential influences of the corporate culture on employee behavior?

Employee behavior affects their performance and their response to their work, supervisors, and customers. The organizational culture at Riordan incorporates fairness, trust, dedication, innovation and teamwork, disability accommodations, performance evaluations and employee benefits. Riordan is an organization that strives to provide solutions for their customers’ needs by exceeding their expectations. Riordan is considered a superior company but, like other companies, they must learn when and how to implement change effectively
9. Select the most appropriate channels to communicate the change to the employees, and explain why you selected these channels.

Communication Plan
Communications is vital when trying to raise the level of understanding in Riordan Manufacturing during implementation of a change. To deliver information regarding the change effectively it is essential to use multiple platforms or media resources to communicate the same message, and determine who will communicate the Riordan Manufacturing need for change.
President and CEO, Dr. Michael Riordan, is the most effective communicator- employees need to hear about upcoming changes from their direct supervisor. One of the biggest concerns will be developing written messages that will define organizational values and principles, and set the expectation for the employees to accomplish the proposed strategies, meet expectations, and achieve organizational goals. The messages should explain the nature of the upcoming change, the process of the change, the role every employee, and department, or team will play in implementation of this change.

Appropriate Channels
The next step will be identifying the communication channels. The company operates in…...

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