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Robert Frank - The Americans

Early History:

Robert Frank was born on November 9, 1924 in Zurich, Switzerland. He is best known for his documentary photography book The Americans however he has released additional books and documentary films as well.

Robert Frank was raised into a wealthy Jewish family, his father of German decent and a photographer as well, and a Swiss mother coming from money. In an interview that Frank gave to the NY Times, he stated, ‘‘My father married my mother because of money. It became the most important thing in order for them to feel good. If my father had a good day, dinner would end and my father would take out his wallet and give my mother 100 Swiss francs." (DAWIDOFF)

At the time of his upbringing, the beginnings of WWII were also in play where by Frank states remembering the speeches of Adolf Hitler via the radio in his youth.

Frank later studied as an apprentice under a commercial photographer by the name of Herman Segesser. It was then that Frank had thoughts of exploring elsewhere to shoot photography. Although safe in Switzerland, growing up during the Holocaust years and the oppression that he witnessed took it's effect of Frank, this of which pushed him into traveling to America to pursue broader interests in photography.

Coming to America:

In 1947, Frank immigrated to America to explore photography in new ways and other outlets than he had done before. Upon arriving, Frank landed a short stint as a fashion photographer at Harper's Bazaar, and then had subsequently attempted to get a few other commercial related gigs, Magnum being one of them, to which he was passed over.

While here and in NYC, he was busy making contacts and actually became somewhat known, however his style was deemed to be sloppy and different that what was being shot at the time.

"The photographer…...

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