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Mayor wants to run town during jail time for slay

DIGOS CITY—The Davao del Sur town mayor who is one of the accused in the 2010 murder of journalist Nestor Bedolido is reclaiming his post, saying he is capable of discharging his duties even in detention.
Matanao town Mayor Vicente Fernandez on Thursday went straight to his town from the hospital here, where he had been admitted since Oct. 20, after sending a “declaration of resumption of office” to the town council.
“In compliance with Section 46 paragraph (b) of Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, I am submitting herewith my written declaration for the resumption of office in the Office of the Municipal Mayor effective Nov. 27,” he wrote.
Fernandez said his hospitalization due to hypertension and other illnesses was over and he was no longer incapable of discharging his duties as mayor. He said he was taking over from Vice Mayor Elmer Javelona, who was installed as acting mayor two weeks ago.
“I am cutting short my temporary leave of absence,” said Fernandez.
He said his detention at the Matanao police station would not hinder him from discharging his duties “since the PNP (Philippine National Police) station is just a stone’s throw away from the government center— the municipal hall building.”
Fernandez is on trial for a murder charge for Bedolido’s death, along with former Davao del Sur Gov. Douglas Cagas and Cagas’ alleged henchmen, Bado Sanchez and Ali Ordaneza.
Cagas is detained at the Digos City district jail while Sanchez and Ordaneza remain at large.
Cagas, the alleged mastermind behind Bedolido’s murder, on Tuesday was returned to jail from a hospital.
Cagas spent eight days in a hospital in Davao City for psychosis due to depression.
Chief Insp. Peter Bongngat, jail warden, said Cagas’ condition was not life-threatening.
The Department of the Interior…...

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