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Mr Eric Smith
Client Services Director
Nathan Jones Inc
City, State, Zip Code
Dear Mr Smith
Please accept this letter as formal notice of my resignation from the position of Client Services Agent with Nathan Jones Incorporated. My last working day will be October 12, 2012. This is two weeks from today as per my employment contract.
Thank you for the opportunities I have been given during my time with the company.
I wish you and the company well in the future.
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Dear Ms/Mr ______________
Due to personal reasons I have decided to move on therefore please accept my resignation from the post of ______________ (designation). I would like to be relieved of my services by ____________ (date). I am aware that the organization has a notice period clause of one month, so this may please be considered as my notice period.
It has indeed been a great pleasure working and being associated with an organization of repute like yours. I have learnt a lot individually and professionally. I am thankful to all those who I have interacted with for being such support to me.
I can always be contacted at _______________ (phone number) or you can write to me at _____________ (email address) for any queries. Please do let me know who do I need to hand over the charge to.
Best regards,
_____________ (your name)
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Mrs Katherine Lowe
ABC Company
Dear Mrs Lowe
This letter will confirm my resignation from the position of XYZ. My last day of employment will be Friday October 12, 2012 which includes the required two weeks notice period.
I have really enjoyed working at ABC Company but I now find that I have an opportunity to further develop my career in keeping with my…...

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