Same Sex Marriage: an Objectively Pro-Position.

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Same Sex Marriage: An Objectively Pro-Position.
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The topic of same sex marriage has been hotly debated in the American culture for years with the question being, do we afford same sex couples legal marital rights at the potential expense of religious freedom? We see arguments from both sides of this issue struggling with the morality of this matter. Both sides give valid moral arguments claiming why they are the superior choice, but it is the legal aspects that provide the most challenges to be addressed. Many terms in the legal definitions must be modified in order to protect the rights of all Americans in order to bring our Constitutional statements in line with our modern society. After all, our country was founded on the concept of “Freedom and Justice for All” and we can see from a legal stand point how that statement has continued to be challenged and redefined. The Federal laws definitions, along with certain constitutional rights, are presenting those challenges which must be accosted in order to protect the rights of all Americans, be they for, or against the idea of same sex marriage. Equal rights for all people have been the motivation in most social movements in our nation. Prime examples include the Civil Rights Movement for African-Americans and other non-Caucasian citizens as well as the Woman’s Rights Movement for equality. These movements were spawned from groups of people that were left out of the definition for equality and treated as “second class citizens”. These challenges continue to this day, but the laws on federal and state levels protect these classes and to some extent, the homosexual community.
Same sex couples are denied access to several government benefits such as: Social Security, Medicare, and disability benefits for spouses, military or public…...

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