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Consumer Behaviour Report for: VERTU “Life. Beautifully Arranged”


Table of Content:

1. Summary

2. Research

3. Target DMP 3.1 Situation & influences 3.2 Information Search 3.3 Evaluation & Post-purchase

4. Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour 4.1 Store image & Service scape 4.2. Values & Behaviour 4.3 Values impact on choice & decision-making
4.4. Social class & lifestyle
4.5. Self-image & Culture

5. Conclusion

6. Recommendations

1.Brief Summary:

Vertu is a subsidiary to Nokia and its most profitable unit (Sanderson, 2006). Vertu is taking a unique approach to that of the technology-obsessed mobile-telephone industry. Its concept is based on craftsmanship (i.e. uniquely customized handsets), style and service- in the same vein as luxury watch and jewellery manufacturers. Vertu Signature mobile phone is encased in metals from stainless steel to platinum and decorated with sapphires ( The design reflects poise and stature. Hence, Vertu performs highly on the symbolic (i.e. expressive) level and giving the perception of being more a piece of art, rather than just a high technological (i.e. instrumental) mobile phone (Sanderson, 2002). Added values such as 24 hrs concierge service which can organise restaurant, travel and hotel bookings are included in the purchase. Its flagship store opened in Paris 2002, and now exists in over 70 countries worldwide. It also has a well-developed online boutique ( Prices range from € 5,555 to € 270,000, hence the most expensive mobile phone brand in the market (Sanderson, 2006). This paper highlights Vertu’s target profile by explore some situational influences, their decision making process, and values. In addition, external influencing factors such as social class and lifestyle are investigated. A study was also conducted,…...

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...Chapter 1 Consumers Rule 1-1 How old is Bungy Jumping? • Bungy jumping turned 26 in 2014 • Where is the highest bungy jump? • 0w • AJ Hackett’s Tower in Macao –Auckland Stock Exchange B – 764 feet Chapter Objectives When you finish this chapter, you should understand why: • Consumers use products to help them define their identities in different settings (think of consumers as role players who need different products). • For example, many family social occasions are accompanied by food and drink, and the consumption of these goods acts as a shared bond that the group uses to define membership in that group. Another example is the style of clothing (e.g., A & F, Hollister) worn by young people to define their group membership. • Consumer behavior is a process involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services 1-3 Chapter Objectives • Marketers need to understand the wants and needs of different consumer segments (product usage, demographics, and psychographics- redneck bank) • The Web is changing consumer behavior: a problem is the loss of privacy and the deterioration of traditional social interactions • Consumer behavior relates to other issues in our lives-public policy issues (e.g., ethical marketing practices) and the dynamics of popular culture • Consumer activities can be harmful to individuals and to......

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...Consumer Behavior Key Terms: learning, classical conditioning, instrumental conditioning, reinforcement, stimulus generalization, stimulus discrimination, brand loyalty, motives, unconscious motives, buyer decision process, information search, perception, subliminal perception, self image, perceived risk, attitude, cognitive dissonance, post-purchase (cognitive) dissonance, buyer's remorse, purchase decision process, problem recognition, information search, evaluative criteria, alternative evaluation, consideration set,  reference group, beliefs, attitude change, opinion leader, word-of-mouth advertising, buzz marketing, Bzz Agent, family, social class, culture, subculture, innovators, compatibility, complexity, divisibility, communicability, relative advantage, and adoption process. Consumer Behavior- The relatively young discipline of marketing has a great deal to learn from other fields such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, etc. -- especially when it comes to consumer motivation and behavior. One thing scholars are noticing is the convergence of disciplines.  A. Contributions of Psychology to Consumer Behavior Learning—Two important learning theories are classical conditioning (Pavlov) and instrumental conditioning (Skinner). Classical conditioning focuses on contiguity (association) and repetition. Pavlov taught dogs to associate the meat and the bell by pairing the two through numerous trials. Eventually, the dog salivated to the bell without......

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