School Environment

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School Environment
Stewart L. Hanska
Strayer University
Professor Marta Gierczyk
Research and Writing-ENG215
17 October 2011

Abstract Where children live plays a pivotal role on how well a child receives an education. This paper will explain how and where children grow up and where their education finishes. School Environment
According to U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics 340,000 young people dropped out of high school between October 2009 and October 2010. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 2.2 million freshman students (68.6% of all 2008 high school graduates) were enrolled in college as of October of that year. Children are afforded the opportunity to get a descent education no matter where they are from, where they grew up, or what economic class they live in but some don’t get to attend college. The environmental surroundings affect how well juveniles receive an education. Young people will be put under a lot of stress and pressure from school work and activities. These young people of this generation will be slowly replacing the older generation workers. Getting a good paying job, these young people will need A.S., A.A, B.S., MBA, and PhD degrees. Children can achieve these degrees by attending either public, private, parochial, magnet, or charter schools.
Public schools are paid for by local, state, and federal government funds. With every year the country’s budget gets smaller and smaller due to economic problems. City school boards have had to cut some teachers because they don’t have the funding to pay them. This increases the student to teacher ratio, causing less quality of service for each student. In 2008-09 school year, 49,265,044 students graduated public high school nationally with student to teacher ratio 15.3 (Public, 2011). The majority of these schools are located in low income…...

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