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Situation: Beginning of the Day
Routine: Pre-Session (the first 10 – 15 minutes of the day) Procedure: 1) File into the classroom 2) Remove materials for today’s work from backpack, 3) Place backpack and all unnecessary materials in cubby 4) Pick up the “morning’s work” from designated area 5) Place all material on desk and sharpen pencils (if necessary) 6) Everyone must be seated. 7) Copy today’s homework from Blackboard. 8) Listen carefully for your name when the attendance is being taken. 9) Hand in absent forms or any notes from home 10) Pledge of Allegiance 11) Listen to daily Announcement 12) Once everyone is seated, wait for the “homework” announcement from teacher for previous day’s assignment. 13) Hand homework to the person in front, until it is at the front row; then across to designated student 14) Designated student should place homework in “Homework” bin. 15) Session begins.

Situation: End of the Day Routine: Post-Session (last 15-20 minutes of the day) Procedures: 1) Complete your journal 2) Reiterate what is expected in the day’s homework 3) Issue notes, or other documents for parents’ perusal 4) Listen to teacher’s instructions on what order the backpacks will be retrieved. 5) Once the backpack is in your possession, gather all your materials, notes, homework and books, etc. 6) Repack backpacks 7) Listen to the order in which you are to line up by the door 8) Once the category you belong to is called, stand, straighten your desk 9) Quietly replace or stock chairs 10) Pick up any papers and/or trash from desk and floors 11) Form the line by the door 12) Leave in the order of Bus, walk-ups, car pick-up and aftercare 13) As you exit dump trash in bin

Situation: Transition…...

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