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Adolf Hitler
By: Alex Kastner
Adolf Hitler is known as the worst dictator ever to assume power of a country in the entire world. With the events like the Holocaust, the Invasion of Poland, and World War II, Hitler was seen as a psychotic, murderer of Jews that wanted to rule the entire world.
Hitler was born an Austrian on April 20th 1889. Hitler was a shy independent child who always worked alone for some reason. Once he finished his schooling, he enlisted in the Bavarian 16th regiment in 1914. He then battled in World War I until 1918 when a mustard gas explosion caused him to be temporarily blinded. He was admitted to a field hospital to cure his blindness. After the war, he returned to Munich to attend a funeral for former Bavarian Prime Minister Kurt Eisner. This is where Hitler became who he was. In, 1919 Hitler became a police spy to go undercover so he could find out some key information about the DAP(German Workers Party). While he was undercover, Hitler was moved by the leader, Anton Drexler’s speech and his views as a politician. Later that year though, Hitler would join the DAP and befriend Drexler. After three years, Hitler had become a dynamic speaker and many of his speeches told people that he hated the Jews and the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler then on July 29th 1924 became leader of the now expanding and newly changed group, the National Socialist German Workers Party, or NSDAP. He then was announced as a hero and became the Führer of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Hitler then attacked Jews, communist leaders, democracy officials in his speeches. Hitler was running out of supporters after 16 members of the NSDAP had been killed. Hitler fled and contemplated suicide. When Hitler had returned to Germany he was put on trial for high treason charges. After the trial, Hitler was sent to 5 years of prison and then…...

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